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  1. Wow thanks for the info…now that video was very informative…BacklinkSolutions . com

  2. Great Vid!…. i guess

  3. not bad… in theory.

  4. not bad… in theory.

  5. wow is right….that is some really good info
    I’ll be sure to look into it

  6. Most companies that ask for linking are now using the nofollow text meaning google will not look for the following link this will end linking soon so many sites using nofollow its a complete ripoff !!

  7. Hey i am number 1 in google. This buying backlinks is rubbish the guys who are number 1 in gogle never tell anyone how to get there. I would never tell any one unless i got paid lots of cash and i have never seen anyone who is number 1 tell you how to do it.
    I know how to do it coz our website is still number 1. Dont buy backilinks google more and more will show you that this wont work. They are now punishing link building companies.

  8. i have over 2000 free backlinks for you at my site. check out my videos for more info.

  9. I think back links need to be relevant, otherwise they are pretty useless…wouldn’t you say? So, how do we get relevant back links using your method?

  10. not a great idea guys search engines care about quality more than quantity. I mean google proberly know of all these websites and will not rank you for using them.

  11. If you’re such a pro at backlinks, how come your website has PAGE RANK 0??

  12. Forums with links in a signature are good. Anyone commenting against this video has never done any testing with this technique. Believe me, all links are good, as long as they are not from some spammy websites. There is so much BS information and myth about this, along with the whole duplicate content myth. But all the misinformation comes from people who have no experience with this stuff. they just believe all the others spewing out stuff that is simply not true.

  13. Unless the links on the forum is ‚follow‘, your’e wasting ye time.

  14. good show champ

  15. Building backlinks for the sake of just getting a backlink is no good on its own. You need to build your presence and level of importance in google’s eyes through blogs that you write that attract an audience.

  16. (continued from my previous post)
    This in turn will indirectly create backlink traffic to your site naturally without the need to artificially manipulate google. It’s better to have 2 excellent quality backlinks than 2000 irellevent ones. ‚Comment spamming‘ on these sites will get you nowhere

  17. eZdia, a meta search engine, launched by a houston based company provides search users to interact with experts related to the information they search for. As a result users get more than just search results in the form of experts sharing their knowledge with them.

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