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Microsoft Bing #2 Commercial (Cure for Search Overload Syndrome)

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25 Kommentare

  1. Bing is pretty good, but yeah, no one can beat Google. These commercials are hilarious, though.

  2. LOL these people must have tourettes…

  3. microsoft sucks!

  4. SUNDAY!!!!! Thats the best….lol.

  5. SUNDAY!!!!!

  6. Same as a regular search engine but with fewer calories.

  7. haha

  8. lmfao.
    i love these commericals. xDDD

  9. i love the eagle guy lol 0:49

  10. hahaha these commercials are like WAY funny! :L

  11. lmao gotta love this commercial!!

  12. these commercials are nice but… who actually uses bing now?

  13. SUNDAY!!!!

  14. I dont use google ever since bing came out.

  15. This is brilliant. i love it. Whoever designed this commercial receives my commendations.

  16. „wolf spiders eat their young“ ROFL he said it all casual.

  17. I think they made these commercials for people to use bing again because nobody uses it anymore.

  18. wolf spiders eat their young


  20. haha i love the airport security lady that just goes kakakakakaka!

  21. ‚ll give bing a go someday, when I get dell XPS =) , it feels heavy on system when i work with a lot of web pages. Google is quicker I think.

  22. holy crap i know who the lady is, who goes i have a back pain

  23. If the world really COULD catch „Search Overload“, then people wouldn’t be so fucking stupid and maybe we’d be able to advance as a species. But noooooooo. Bing had to go and muck it all up.

    Bing sucks, by the way. Google works because „less is more.“ But at least Bing is completely overcrowded with ads and bullshit and cleberity gossip like Yahoo.

  24. what does the kid say after the guy says „so do we need an lcd or plasma?“

  25. plasma is an ionized gas 🙂

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