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Microsoft Bing „Decision Engine“

Introducing Bing Search by Microsoft. A Decision Engine. Find it at

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  1. 拉倒微軟,拉倒 Bing 搜尋引擎!
    通通拉倒 MSN 網站!
    把 Microsoft Network 打倒!
    預設首頁是 MSN?預設搜尋是 Bing?

  2. MSN Search 1996~2006/3/8
    Windows Live Search Beta 2006/3/8
    Windows Live Search 2006/9/11~2009/6/2
    Bing Search 2009/6/3~present

  3. If you are an expert or want to do knowledge search use ezdia. You may use bing instead of ezdia if you want to use general search.

  4. bing kind of sucksss


  5. Ahaha, BING = But It’s Not Google
    So funny. (:

  6. Hmm… I don’t care if a search engine catergorizes, rather have the page found fast like… Google!
    Woooooooh! Google!

  7. if we compare the number of pages scanned by the two search engines, i’ve got „1 of 183,000,000 results“ from bing and „1 – 10 of about 2,140,000,000“ from google for the same keyword. M$ try to get users who look for beauty..just adding images, and some effects…Who will switch to bing? No one, M I right? 🙂

  8. Take note M$, we search for information, not to look animation and background pictures..While google scan all trillions of pages and pictures, M$ scan only 10% of it..You can compare by searching the same keywords on google and bing…You will know bing mean bin 🙂 Bing stands for recycle bin of MSN 🙂

  9. dang. That was some good marketing. It seriously made me think: I need to go to bing more.

    I hope you can back it up. It may not have been ready to hit the market, perfection can always come at the release of a product and releasing it can help you get closer to perfection but it sounds like other comments show concern for the data that it has access to. That may need to be refined. otherwise, it sounds pretty great, perhaps I’ll go test it out!

  10. One thing Microsoft never seems to do is support affiliates for other search engines. For example Google sponsors search engines like Bellzar, which donates profits to charity and saves energy. Microsoft never appeals to the conscious youth of today.

  11. i think ill use bing now… could use a better name lol

  12. Holy shit a search engine? How innovative! its not like they’re all the same.

  13. probablys because you have an uneventful life so never need to decide on hotels or restaurants

  14. loll

  15. no not all are the same… try its actually i feel its nicer then google.. also try mapping an adress and use the bird eye view feature.. its pretty cool

  16. ive actually been using both google and bing for my searches… i think bing has the best map search…the „birds eye view.“ with is a 360 degree radius is sweet. Also their video search is great. If you put your mouse over at video result it will give you a quick preview without having to double clicking it to see what its all about. you could go through lots of videos in minutes to find what you like.

  17. But gates has donated half of his fortune for charity…also,microsoft supports development through free tools for students learning computers,and (if you are good at computers) a job.

  18. I’m starting to like bing… I was kind of tired of google pov… it’s refreshing to say the less. (No i’m not payed by bing!;)

  19. bing is cool

  20. eZdia, a new search engine which makes easier for you to take decisions as it associates an expert with search which helps you to take your decisions in a right way and allows you to communicate through a chat. just check it down at eZdia

  21. I like Bing better, especially when browsing for images, it automatically loads dozens of image at the same time without slowing your connection or your computer, with google you only get a handful and you have to switch pages over and over until you find what you need. Browsing for videos is nice too. Also Bing seems to pull out more accurate results and in less pages. When it comes to browsing, the quality of the results matter more than the quantity of the results.

  22. I’m surprised they didn’t call it Moogle. Microsoft should be so proud, it’s like nothing we’ve seen before!

  23. How do you get it on your computer. I cant seem to find any downloading for it. Help,computer ignorant here lol

  24. i’ll say what were all well
    is the bing porn searches?lol

  25. I like Bing a lot. The features it has (i.e. thumbnail previews in videos, the way it handles images, the way you can see what’s on the page before you click it, how it pulls outs a lot of information right on the results page, how it shows related searches and history on the sidebars, it’s Twitter inclusion, etc.) are just awesome.

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