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Microsoft readies Bing search engine for launch

Bing, the new search service from Microsoft, has begun to roll out and will be officially launched worldwide on June 3rd, 2009. A Internet breaking news video by

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  1. Bing is working =D and It’s June 1st 2009, not June 3rd 2009

  2. I was very surprised at how user friendly this search engine is.
    The image search is the best I’ve seen, it looks just like an extension of Windows Explorer.

    I have only positive things to say about this Microsoft product unlike all the other Microsoft products I have used.

  3. No. It was Offically Released on the 3rd June in US and Canada.
    The 1st of June made Bing go live in „Preview“ in US. And „Beta“ in the Rest of the World. So ye. Don’t think you know all

  4. I know, I realized that after I posted that comment, but I forgot to remove it.

  5. „bing“ …. how retarded. „excuse me while I bing that…“ I don’t like it. It is not new. If you can use the internet effectively, you can get the results you want. It will flop. Nice try mircoshit.

  6. It’s image search is one of the best idea Microsoft ever made.

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