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Search Engine Wars: Bing VS Google

Who will prevail? Watch and find out. Follow me on twitter:

7 Kommentare

  1. Wonderful review. I agree that bing has the appearance advantage. Silverlight is amazing.

  2. I’d never even heard of bing… I’ll be trying it out

  3. it’s the new windows live search made by microsoft

  4. Very good video! I love using Bing and I love the picture-a-day look. But I still find myself „googling“ from time to time. I keep Bing in my Speed Dial to remind me to „Bing“ it!

  5. The Best review that I have seen on Google and Bing. Makes me thinking about using Bing alot more now. I do like the images feature of Bing.

  6. i Say google because bing has been posting fake pharmacy ads on pharmacy searches that say there like a certain type of drug but is really hazardous.

  7. I use Bing as my default search engine
    but if it fails to find what I’m looking for, I have to use google. I love using bing for image search. I think bing is better for video search as you get to preview them before clicking on them by hovering over them. I dunno if bing will ever be popular. The name ‚google‘ just makes sense for a search engine…. a google number of search results. Bing? Bing! there’s your search result…. not very appealing in name.

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